Mindalyzer is an unconventional series of experiments to measure the collective human mind by combining:

  • Recent advances in computational media content analysis (natural language processing, machine learning).

  • Statistical patterns found in large amounts of natural language samples from a large group of individuals.

  • ideas about human psychological growth, how the mind works at a deeper level and how we relate to each other.


The main focus is to find ways to answer a few deep and complex human-centered questions:


All experiments rests on the assumption that statistical analysis of language style is a better way to study mind and media than the traditional methodology of asking people to answer questionnaires.


I believe that a lot of sensible people all over the world understands that society is in flux and needs to evolve in a postive, integral direction to accomodate the plurality and inequalities inherent in the globalized hypermedialized and connected society we're currently living in. If we do not rise and create new ways of managing ourselves, society and the environment we might regress violently into earlier forms of social organization. I think now is a good time to try out new things and approaches, like asking existential questions and trying to answer them with data science.